J. R. Cousin Consultants Ltd., a Winnipeg APEM member firm, has received an ACEC, Canadian Consulting Engineering Award of Excellence for the Ste. Agathe Water Pipeline project in the R.M. of Ritchot.  The ACEC Engineering Award of Excellence, one of three awarded nationally, was presented in Ottawa to Mr. Jerry Cousin of J. R. Cousin Consultants Ltd. for exemplary engineering design in the Civil Engineering category.  The project utilized flowing relief wells near New Bothwell which discharged to waste at 1,150 – 1,400 litre/min. and caused environmental problems.  A 23 km gravity flow pipeline, with back up pumping station, delivered this high quality water to a water treatment plant near Ste. Agathe.  Earlier in 1995 this project also received the Sustainable Development Award as it resolved environmental problems and provided a proper utilization of a high quality resource to a water starved area.