JRCC provides engineering services to First Nations and northern communities in Manitoba, Ontario and Saskatchewan. The team prides itself on working with rather than for our First Nation clients to ensure their involvement in every stage of the project. Consultation occurs on all major design aspects to ensure that operation and maintenance of the facility meets the client’s needs and successfully addresses issues unique to the community.

We emphasize the need of the entire team, including the representatives from the local community, to provide input and to be actively involved to assure the project works are tailored to address the characteristics and physical environment to which the project pertains. The team’s approach incorporates the First Nation’s views, traditions, concerns and comments. Specifications address local policies, respect for traditional holidays, and indicated minimum local man hours, minimum local equipment and local labour requirements.

We have worked with numerous First Nations and have pioneered techniques to complete works in a manner to increase and create employment for Aboriginal Communities. By specializing in municipal engineering services, our expertise in dealing with problems and benefits unique to reserve living has been well demonstrated by our large number of rural and northern aboriginal clients.

Projects completed for First Nation and northern communities include:

  • Planning and land development
  • Water source, treatment, and distribution systems
  • Wastewater collection, treatment, and disposal systems
  • Waste disposal grounds, transfer stations, and recycling depots
  • Streets and roads
  • Land drainage systems
  • Drainage and flood control
  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Environmental investigations and assessments
  • Municipal buildings

See a selection of our work with northern communities.

See a selection of our work with First Nations communities.