Consulting Engineers of Manitoba (CEM)
R.M. of Hanover Wastewater Treatment

Blumenorts hydraulically and organically overloaded lagoon caused severe problems for the R.M. of Hanover. The high-strength effluent in the lagoon generated strong odors. Also, Manitoba Conservation issued non-compliance orders due to excessive loadings. Residential, commercial and industrial growth was restricted as a result.

The project consisted of pre-treatment at Granny’s Poultry and the construction of the largest fine-bubble aerated lagoon in Manitoba. An innovative, one-of-a-kind, high-efficiency hybrid blower system, driven by a total of 800 HP, qualified for a PowerSmart grant.

The project, designed and managed by J. R. Cousin Consultants Ltd., treats wastewater equivalent to that from 43,000 people.